• Sleep, Love, and Live Deeply

    A Sleep Brand for a Full Day

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    Bodeepsleep has scientifically researched the makings of a deep sleep and healthy sleeping environment.
    Your entire personality, health, and life experience is rooted in the quality of your sleep.
    We at Bodeepsleep will have you sleeping more deeply and comfortably with our proven smart solutions.

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  • Bodeepsleep has scientifically verified,
    personalized sleep solutions.

    We provide IoT-based, smart-sleep, five-sense solutions which understand and correct circadian rhythms.
    We test our solutions’ effectiveness in clinical trials, such that they fully recover an exhausted body after a busy day.
    With Bodeepsleep you can really live for a bright and energetic tomorrow.


  • We sympathize with everyone's unique sleep issues,
    and we've take tangible steps to find solutions.

    Bodeepsleep was founded to address health problems stemming from improper sleep.
    We found that if you don’t sleep well tonight you might crawl to the finish line tomorrow, but over time you will grind down.
    For our physical and mental health we adhere to the principle of making proven sleep solutions that stick to the basics.

  • Solving serious sleep issues can change
    every aspect of our daily life.

    Are you living your days to the fullest or are you just getting through?
    Having a rough sleep dulls your senses, lowers concentration, and robs you of the richness of each waking experience.
    You deserve to have a clear, sensorial day.. and you can have that.

  • The beginning of natural,
    non-pharmaceutical sleep care

    The bedroom environment - lighting, sound, temperature, humidity, and scents -
    this is where we spend 1/3 of our time asleep, and thus it has a major impact on the quality and quantity of our sleep.
    Bodeepsleep is precise in fitting your personalized optimal sleeping environment by designing sleeping tools to make it a reality.